Who we are

We are lovers of the timeless beauty and power of the written forms in fine art. We promote awareness of penmanship, lettering, and writing through our handmade crafts. Our goal is to partner with clients to create unique experiences through calligraphy and expand knowledge and appreciation of letterforms through learning, teaching, and creating. 

Whether it's through a personal commissioned work, invitations for your special event, or as a delightfully unexpected gift or spectacle for your customers, our goal is to create something unique, wonderful, and memorable. Powerful and important events deserve to be honored and preserved in writing that does them justice. 

Since the tools of our discipline are indispensable to the art, we restore and sell restored vintage pens, handmade dip pen holders, vintage dip nibs, and customized/modified fountain pens for everyone from seasoned professionals to budding hobbyists. 

What we offer 

Vintage Dip Pen Nibs

  • Extensive selection of vintage nibs available for purchase
  • New old stock from the Golden Age of Handwriting
  • Only a fraction of our catalog is online. Don't see it? Contact us

Art, Lettering, and Calligraphy

  • Individual and Corporate Commissions
  • Custom and Personal Work
  • Invitations & Announcements (see "Calligraphy Services" page for examples) 

Handmade Dip Pen Holders and Fountain Pens

  • Dip Pen Holder Craftsmanship: handmade using exotic and domestic hardwoods
  • Fountain Pen Modifications: we can modify your pen to any specs you desire 
  • Custom cut Pilot Parallel Pens

How we work 

We handle each project with care and dedication, meeting and exceeding client expectations. We strive to be flexible, accommodating, and professional. Since customer satisfaction is our highest priority, client input is paramount to every aspect of the design process.

Why we do it

There's so much more to lettering than just making pretty marks on a page. The heart of our craft is the ability to capture ideas, feelings, and meaning in graphic format. With practiced skill and a keen eye for design and detail, words come alive on a page. The potential of what can be expressed through lettering is truly limitless.

Part of the art in lettering is learning to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating it. There are many different ways one can achieve a particular look, from simple tools like an ordinary pen or pencil to more complicated implements such as dip pens and brushes. The different tools all have their own unique characteristics which affect the overall result-- sometimes in subtle but important ways-- that must be learned and understood.

This is why we love our craft. The process of learning and honing a unique set of skills and tools is both challenging and rewarding. More importantly, the finished product always allows us to share our passion for fine writing with others.