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Calligraphy, Fountain Pens, and Writing Accessories

Who are we?

We are lovers of the timeless beauty and power of the written forms in fine art. We promote awareness of penmanship, lettering, and writing through our handmade crafts. Our goal is to partner with clients to create unique experiences through calligraphy and to promote knowledge and appreciation of letter form through learning, teaching, and creating.

Whether it's through a personal commissioned work, invitations for your special event, or as a delightfully unexpected gift or spectacle for your customers, our goal is to create something unique, wonderful, and memorable. Powerful and important events deserve to be honored and preserved in writing that does them justice.

Since the tools of our discipline are indispensable to the art, we restore and sell restored vintage pens, handmade dip pen holders, vintage dip nibs, as well as customized/modified fountain pens for everyone from seasoned professionals to budding hobbyists.

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